Here are just a few anonymous snip bits of letters the foundation receives from families we are able

to help through all of your support!  

Thank you from Houston!

"Your assistance is a blessing from above because of you our children can get proper care and hope for hearing.... 

We have been on our road to healing for 8 years and we are finally able to see the best GI doctor thanks to all of you! We are forever grateful for getting assistance from you in our dire time of need!"

"Do you have any idea how amazing Dr. Krigsman is?"

"Even though I've written thank you on a piece of paper, it just doesn't feel like enough. I've never encountered such kind generosity in my life. To provide funding not once, but twice so that a perfect stranger can get medical help is one of the kindest gifts of all. Without your generous contribution, we could never have gotten our son to Dr. Krigsman."

You have been a blessing!

"May God bless you and your family for a very much needed gift Because of your gift our daughter is on her path to healing... What a relief to have a diagnosis and you made that possible because you cared," 

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping us."

"Without your financial assistance we are not sure how, when or if our daughter 

would have been able to see Dr. Krigsman. Honestly, our next step was to sell our home. I will forever be grateful to you and while I might not ever be able to repay you financially, I promise to continue to try to help as many other families as I can in other ways."